Byta logga / watermark på unfi protect

Byta watermThe watermark needs to be a PNG file. I started with a black and white logo that was 379×224 and inverted the colors to make it a black background with a white logo. Once you have your logo change the name to “user_logo” without the quotes, and with no extension.

Open WinSCP, and change the protocol to scp. Put in the camera’s IP address and log in with your ssh credentials. Copy the user_logo file to the /etc/persistent directory.

SSH into the camera via Putty or some other ssh terminal program. Run the following commands:

ubnt_ipc_cli -T=ubnt_osd -r=1 -m='{"functionName":"ChangeOsdSettings", "useCustomLogo":1}'
ubnt_ipc_cli -T=ubnt_osd -r=1 -m='{"functionName":"ChangeOsdSettings", "logoScale":75}'
cfgmtd -w -p /etc/